dance fortress 2 – masterpiece

team fortress 2 has always been a favourite game of mine. it doesn’t take a genius to see that the amount, and quality, of the content that they have continued to release is amazing.

and then… there is this. released on youtube and available for download at… James Benson has outdone himself. Watch this, regardless of what you think or know of the game, and re-watch it for every character… its amazing!

seriously. did you notice the sniper (top left)?

…that I miss

[EDIT: just for your perspective. these cartoons make me as excited as chris turk meeting lando calrissian]

look. you PROBABLY should watch Dinoriders… I’ve talked about that before… but here are two other shows that I used to LOVE that I have since forgotten about… remembered today… MASSIVE nostalgia factor…

Centurions: Power Xtreme

Swat Kats

[EDIT: start of season 2 is pretty cool too the special missiles that the jet fired were the awesome bit… so cool]

regardless of whether you have watched them before or not… they are cooler than you…

sorry september

dear september (and potentially previous months that also feel underappreciated and undernourished by my mindful rambling),

sorry for the lack of substantial blogging. sorry for the lack of even a good selection of star wars related junk. i hope that you can appreciate my sincerity when i say it was not personal and can regognise my remorse and attempt to reconcile with this, my personal effort to recconnect.

as i listen to ‘the very best of KISS’, please rest assured, that all is well with me. you weren’t an overly impressive or inspiring month, but nor were you a misery. i wouldn’t describe you as ‘meh’… but i nearly would. musically not a lot has happened for me, but this has simply allowed me to listen to stuff that i had been missing for some time. i had a wonderful drive home from work with the entire of the system of a down back catalogue on shuffle which was nostalgic, to say the least, and when the newest linkin park albumn, an artist of similar nostalgic timing and categorisation, is revealed to be vapid and… lame… i feel i am all the more required to enjoy what i know to be good and true.

i’ve truly entered my scott pilgrim phase. that movie, second after second of needing to discover a new way to experience joy to ensure that ones face displays – change? – was a challenge in itsself. i love that film. ordinarily you might demand something more deep or ethereal or serious to form such a connection, but that film is easily my number one. for now? who knows. i’m just gonna enjoy michael cera now as a boy and hope that he doesn’t change into something weird when he grows old. it is possible however… ryan reynolds does freaking action, horror and superhero movies these days… so you never know. i’d actually be truly interested to see a 35 year old michael cera as a long term batman. what do you think? anyway. i’ve been reading the scott pilgrim books… LOVING the book despository and yeah. trying to get into “university” mode.

which reminds me… i’m writing an assignment right now.
sorry, just thought i’d write you a note (almost entirely out of self-inflicted guilt).
but i best go now…

talk to you soon